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‘Dead Space 3: Under a Buck’ Achievement Guide

Just picked up Dead Space 3 and lookin’ for some help with the game’s Achievements? Don’t you worry, dear reader: we got you covered. Video Coordinator Todd Schlickbernd is here to show you how to get some of the most saught after Points in Visceral Games’ latest thriller. Here’s a description of the Under the Buck Achievement: The […]Read More


Official Achievements for ‘Tomb Raider’

The reboot of the storied Tomb Raider franchise is just under a month away, and the official achievements have been made public. For better or for worse, the newly introduced multiplayer mode looks to have quite a few points associated with it. Since the game officially went gold recently, it’s only a matter of time until we can check […]Read More


Official Achievements for ‘BioShock: Infinite’

If you’re like a large population of the gaming world, you’re currently barely able to keep yourself on the edge of your seat as you await BioShock: Infinite’s March 26 release date. After enduring controversy, delays and cover-art pushback, the game’s big day is finally on the horizon. If you’re not excited enough, though, why not peruse […]Read More


‘Skulls of the Shogun’ achievement guides

Following the release of 17 Bit’s turn based strategy game Skulls of the Shogun, which we reviewed, we felt it’d only be fitting of a general to provide advice to their fellow generals. As such, we’ve got some achievement guides for your viewing pleasure. All of them are live on our YouTube channel, but since […]Read More


Official Achievements for ‘DMC: Devil May Cry’

If you’re looking for some hack-and-slash action to ring in the new year, DMC: Devil May Cry might be the game for you. Rebooting the series, developer Ninja Theory brings protagonist Dante into a new reality, parallel to that of the original franchise. Though Dante looks different than he used to–causing a minor uproar from the series’ […]Read More