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Official Achievements for Gears 3 Horde Command Pack Revealed

Another day, and more achievements to get.  When the Gears of War 3 Command Pack downloadable content goes live on November 1st, you’ll be able to earn a few new achievements to increase your gamerscore.   The downloadable content adds five new achievements for a total of 250 gamerscore. If you haven’t heard about this upcoming […]Read More


Official Batman: Arkham City Achievements, Including DLC

While the achievements for Batman: Arkham City have been available for a few weeks now, we’re updating you with the full achievement list including the downloadable content.  The downloadable content achievements have been posted by X360A, and include six additional achievements to the game. The additional achievements bring the achievement total to 56, and the […]Read More


Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary Achievements Released

In what’s been 10 long years in the making, the official achievements for Halo: Combat Evolved have finally been unveiled.  The title is set to release in exactly a month, and nostalgia will be in full effect come November the 15th.  The list of achievements would be that of which you’d expect for a “Halo” […]Read More


Goldeneye 007: Reloaded Achievements Revealed

While Goldeneye 007: Reloaded still has a few weeks left until launch, the official achievements have been unveiled for the title.  You’ll find your standard mission achievements, weapon specific, and a few secret achievements as well.  Continue reading below to find the full list of achievements. MI6 Ops Recruit 10 Earn 10 stars in MI6 […]Read More