‘Saints Row IV’ Review: Fun to the IV’th Power

Modern-day tellings of heroes and villains are no stranger to bizarre backstories, but the Saints Row series (as in everything) pushed the storytelling limits with its unnamed protagonist. From gang grunt to crime lord to pop culture idol to President of America and finally, the champion of humanity. How can this insane plot arc hold […]Read More


E3 ’13: ‘Cloudberry Kingdom’ has all the platforming you’ll ever need

Sidescrolling platforming games are finding a weird place in today’s gaming market. We’ve got throwbacks, we’ve got re-releases, and we’ve got games incorporating platforming into their stealth, action and puzzle gameplay. But what about just straight up jumping on stuff? Cloudberry Kingdom has you covered for all things jump-tastic. [youtube id=”GAN3JPO-NF4″ width=”620″ height=”360″] Like many […]Read More