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Official Achievements for ‘Hitman: Absolution’

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: Hitman: Absolution is my (S.C. Nolan’s) number one most-anticipated game this year. The six years between Hitman: Blood Money and now have been torturous, and I’m more than ready to get back into the many disguises of Agent 47. Along with publisher Square Enix, IO Interactive is […]Read More


Official Achievements for ‘Call of Duty: Black Ops II’

We know about the exciting, open-ended direction Treyarch is heading with Call of Duty: Black Ops II’s campaign. The first details for the game’s Zombies mode have flooded the internet, and the changed multiplayer has been detailed, too. You’d think that there was little left to learn about what’s sure to be this year’s biggest game, but never fear – we […]Read More


Official Achievements for ‘Dance Central 3’

Uh…random joke about dancing games? It seems like these dance games come in waves. Another entry in the subgenre is Harmonix’s Dance Central 3. As always, this super groovy, price-cut Kinect-ified list comes from our pals at Xbox 360 Achievements.   Best Practices (15 points) Beat your high score on a song immediately after practicing it […]Read More


Official Achievements for ‘007 Legends’

Put your super-spy pants on, Xbox fans: the 007 Legends achievement list is here. If you’re not yet privy to this game, Legends puts players in the role of the world’s most famous secret agent, James Bond. With six missions based on six different movies, Bond gets to relive some of his greatest exploits, with a new storyline […]Read More