‘NHL 14’ Review: A Question of Value

With each yearly edition, sports-game developers must fill a tall order–creating an experience that, at its core, sticks to the tried-and-true principles of a franchise, while adding enough new features to warrant the annual price of admission. Unlike other genres, sports games are uniquely judged on the “what-have-you-done-for-me-lately” principle, meaning that a great game might […]Read More


‘The Last of Us’ Review

I never thought that a survival/horror title would be among the greatest games I’d ever played, but after experiencing (because “playing” just doesn’t seem to apply) The Last of Us, it’s hard to remember a game I’ve liked more. Strangely, even the word “liked” seems out of place, because the kind of enjoyment Naughty Dog […]Read More


E3: ‘Watch Dogs’ trailer shows off Aiden’s skill set

We’ve been excited for Ubisoft’s Watch Dogs since last E3, and that excitement has only grown over the last few months. A game that truly wants to harness the potential of next-gen consoles with both its graphics and gameplay innovations, Watch Dogs is positioning itself to make quite a splash when it lands November 19, and the latest trailer […]Read More


How do you beat the Xbox One?

While I know, as a journalist, I should be impartial about the industry, I’m a Sony guy. I have been since the original PlayStation and I’ve never strayed far from the company as my provider of gaming entertainment. Which is why, after the reveal of the Xbox One, I started to get a little nervous. […]Read More


Video games and activism: more harm than good

When non-game-lovers ask me why I’m drawn to writing about video games, I tell them the following: I’ve loved playing video games my entire life My job allows me to write to and for a community who is incredibly passionate about the medium I get to study and be a part of a rapidly developing, […]Read More


‘Impossible Road’ Review

It can not be easy to be an independent iOS developer. With a marketplace to which the word “oversaturated” doesn’t even begin to apply, how do budget developers get their games to stand out? Unfortunately for Kevin Ng–developer of the new iOS arcade game Impossible Road–I don’t have the answer to that question. What I do […]Read More