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Official Achievements for ‘Just Dance 4’

I can’t believe there are already four of these games. The Kinect-based dancing game now has its official list of Achievements so you can start planning how you’re going to get the full set. Groovy! Thank Xbox 360 Achievements for this list. First Dance (10 points) Complete your First Song 3 Star Performance (15points) Get […]Read More


Official Achievements for ‘WWE 13’

Having never played the WWE series, I have always been cautiously interested in being able to directly control sweaty, muscular men in Spandex putting each other into compromising positions and hitting one another with furniture. My curiosity is further fueled by the official achievements for WWE 13, the next installment in THQ’s long-running wrestling franchise. As […]Read More


Official Achievements for FIFA 13

Another year, another game from each of EA Sports’s…sports. One of these is, of course, the acclaimed soccer franchise FIFA. EA Sports has released the list of official achievements for the game, releasing September 25. This list is courtesy of the gents at Xbox 360 Achievements. Bronzed (30  points) Complete the Bronze stage of all […]Read More