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Games With Gold coming to Xbox One in 2014

Fear not, future Xbox One owners – Microsoft will keep the free games flowing. In a not-at-all surprising move, Microsoft announced late last week that its popular Games With Gold program, which sets up Xbox Live Gold subscribers with two free games every month, will come to the Xbox One. The news was confirmed by […]Read More


Xbox One Twitch streaming won’t be available at launch

For Playstation 4 owners, one of the biggest joys for owners with high enough bandwidth has been the seamless streaming capabilities to Twitch.TV. Unfortunately, Xbox One owners won’t be experiencing the same joys at the launch of the system. Microsoft has confirmed today that the Xbox One will not have the ability to stream via […]Read More


Xbox One launch media apps broken down by region

Following the recent announcement of launch day apps for the PS4, Microsoft has revealed its own plans for launch window media apps on the Xbox One. The system has a few obvious overlaps with the PS4, with heavy hitters like Netflix and Amazon Instant Video topping the list. That being said, Microsoft is definitely forging its […]Read More