Xbox One video emerges of system rejecting disc


With the launch of any new console, as we saw with the Playstation 4, there are bound to be issues. It appears that the Xbox One may have an issue with the system rejecting brand new discs.

A quick video has emerged tonight that showcases a user trying to play a brand new Xbox One disc, but the system rejects it. Not only does the system reject it, but it makes a horrendous noise that sounds as if something is grinding inside the console.

The user has stated that they’ve phoned the place where they purchased the console, and they’ll be able to swap it out in the morning. However, we haven’t been able to confirm whether this is an isolated incident or if this is something that’ll plague a portion of the systems.

Have you experienced any issues with your Xbox One yet? Be sure to let us know by leaving us a comment below, or continue the discussion on Facebook and Twitter.

Update: A follower of our Twitter account has let of know that her spouse’s system has also had the exact same issue. We’ll continue to monitor for additional reports of this issue with Xbox One consoles.

  1. According to Pony experts: you’d expect problems at launch as if they’re expecting failure or dragging you into failure bliss. Odd but true, they must have been experiencing horror events or something lately.

          1. He wasn’t ”flip-flopping”. When he looked the first time there was around 4 incidents, and when he looked again there were about 10… Because more time had elapsed. Don’t feel butt-hurt people are just trying to help spread that there’s an issue.

        1. the guy i was posting to didn’t understand the video. i was pointing out he needed to unmute it.

          whether or not it is a legit video is for another discussion.

    1. The system won’t read it and makes a grinding noise. Believe me, mine does the same thing. Except my disc only goes into the system half way.

    1. That guy tried to put a disc in with his xbox sideways (he had a video up earlier but deleted it) and it got stuck in there … basically the only “broken” xbox’s we are seeing are fully function box;s being used by idiots.

        1. You mean unverified reports from people who may not even own an xbox one?? in that case lets say all of these are correct … there are over 700k xbox ones in the world now and what 5 bad??

          PS4 has 1 million, and:

          and that apparently all only points to .4%, so I would say that xbox one is fine by that compare.

  2. Xbox one is working fine. This is blown outta proportion. In facts, there are only 3 faulty consoles out of millions of working ones.

    1. what the bloody hell are you even talking about.. you LITERALLY just plucked random numbers from thin air there…? :S lool

    2. MINE IS GODDAM BROKEN TOO. It accepts the disc halfway and then just makes a grinding noise and rejects all discs. Every disc. From Battlefield 4 to a blu-ray movie. Nothing is accepting.

  3. Truth is, I love my PS4. I love my Xbox One, and I love my WiiU. Why can’t people just calm the fanboyism down. I can promise the Sony fanboys that Microsoft is not an evil company and that they put real thought into Xbox One. I can also promise the Microsoft fanboys that Sony is not an evil company. Why can’t we all just be happy and enjoy our games?

    1. i always been choosy with my console i had nintindo 64 then PS2 then 360 so i have nothing with the companies that making them but i started to hat PS products since the trolling action been taking by PS player and even PS dev’s when the X1 got revealed
      as a prove when the X1 got revealed they only show the features and TV aspects of the console and everyone was trolling , even some dev’s on twitter wrote that “a gaming console had been revealed without games” , and MS promised games at E3 and they delivered but no the troll still committed by PS players so that made me lean towards Xbox more than PS

  4. this video is crap , if they really gonna show the problem they should record the whole thing

    all i see is a GIF in a loop with the dude entering a disc , they should’ve recorded the error and the disc ejection action …

      1. that sound shows the problem is not from X1 or its design it shows that the disk reader is broken and it gets broken by a hit … so its maybe the ship fault cause i don’t think any company would sell a console with a broken disc reader -_-

        1. that could very much be the case… however there are a lot more cases of this happening so is that the reason for all people..? im just saying these problems are bound to come up just look at Playstation’s launch there will be problems. the only thing not understandable is people denying the problems existence all together.

          1. i really don’t know , i mean if it shows en error that would be the X1 problem but with those sounds it might be the shipping method or something , its a really weird thing to have on a console MS should post something about it …

          2. well there have been faaaar too many people with this problem for it to be all caused from mismanagement.. its like when the original PS3 60GB had problems reading Blu-Ray disks, i guess this is similar except this includes a noise too…?

          3. i didn’t know about that , so how did sony repaired it ???

            if its an update Xone is saved if its console replacement then a lot of people will be angry cause replacing the system is hard and the process may take a lot of time …

          4. you had to send it back to sony because it was a problem with the lazer that read the disks.. it even happened to me but i have this insurance plan with them so mine got fixed for free and stuff

          5. damn … that’s really tough , i hope that MS and sony will replace the broken devices faster because this gen so far has been disappointment to me and to a lot of people .
            and i really hope next year games will be better so far only forza have the crown and i din;t like cars sim :/ so next year it is 🙂

          6. Yeah man understandable.. i guess this launch (even though it should be about the games) is more about the social connectivity and how you interact with your console and the slightly new experiences you can have with your console.. but next year should be great imma be getting my PS4 when inFamous : Second Son comes out and this isnt me trying to post shizz about PS4 on an XBox article before anyone shouts at me… -___- lol

          7. lol its ok sony made a lot of people taking it side by having naughty dog games and infamous … i didn’t preorder any console yet im waiting till the prices get down a little and to see what platform is clearly the better for both features and games , so far im leaning towards X1 but i think in 2014 things will be different (that if uncharted 4 will be released in 14)

          8. i live in the UK so i dont really see the oint of the X1 in my country lool i just cant wait for my PS4 PSVita and my inFamous SS lool

          9. why ?! in UK the features don’t work ???

            and yeah SS looks awesome the street and lighting is really impressive the only bad side is the facial details if they made it better i guarantee its gonna get 9 or 9.5 easily ^_^

          10. nooo wayyyyyyyyyyyy loool the facial mocap is amazing!!! or do you actually mean the skin texture quality..? (dont forget theres about 4 months left of developent..? :D) and oh nahh the features do work lol.. but to a lesser extent like sports intergration like NFL stuff the tv services are different we have SKY here so different tv broadcasters that dont have any special agreement with xbox so stuff like ESPN coverage isnt really available for us or isnt really as important to the UKand tbh any other market around the world thats why the tv functionality s great in the US and i completely understand it but i dont really see the big deal with the rest of the world if it wont be as intergrated but we all pay the same prices for the console if you get what i mean…?

          11. yup i meant the skin textures , and yeah i hope they will make them better too they have the time for it 🙂 , ohhh i see that’s kinda bummer :/ they should make a special deals for the fans in europe like champions league and british and spanish league i sometimes watch them heck if they made a deal like that it would awesome cause i watch them online but its kinda laggy … i just sow the uncharted 4 will it be released in 2014 if that’s true i might get a PS4

  5. Just like the PS4, when you launch hundreds of thousands, and possibly upwards of a million (I don’t know how many XB1s there are at launch – but a lot), some things will break. This launch, unlike the last, everyone’s got a youtube channel and twitter account, so you’ll hear about it almost instantly. This doesn’t mean there are widespread problems, it just means that some things break, something that’s fairly common knowledge.

    Of course, there’s always a risk of hardware issues with any new piece of tech, but unless we see tens of thousands of reports of issues, pay no attention to the attention-grabbing articles over the first few days after launch. _Every_ electronics device has a failure rate, and it’s often 1-3%. For a million strong launch, that’s 10,000-30,000 units, which if broken, would be actually reasonable in the context of the industry.

  6. Looks like someone’s reaching to rain the XONE parade…… loll cheap ponies on scare tactics! just go back playing your heater, stop lurking for XONE news…everything will go just fine :))

    1. Of course a troll like you would think it is fake. So explain the logic? I’m gonna spend about $535 plus another $60 just so that I can make MS look bad and all the while increase MS sales?

        1. Send me your E-mail and I’ll send you the video of me trying to put Battlefield 4 into my Xbox One and it rejecting it after it goes in half way. How else do I prove it but a video? It’s also on my Facebook if you feel like adding me as friend or something…

  7. poor sony ponies…lol…i bet alot of them were making vids and getting all their stories and lies together ever since the launch of their console and all the bricks that came out of it…they were butt hurt so now they wanna try and get even….this is fake….for those of you that have a working console play it…..and leave ours alone.

    1. be real man, as a xbox fan i can say i was expecting this from them, but I’m not stressing all new consoles have their fair share of problems that will be fixed in the near future. This xbox vs ps fanboys beef has to stop both systems came with problems

    2. Like I said just wait, lol. So much for your precious xboners. So looks like we get some new ps4 converts. This is worse then blod. At least you can trouble shoot blod. And knowing MS shitty customer relations, many lost fanboys.

      1. really enjoying mine….has sony sent you a new pieceofshitstation yet?….i guess not since you have time to bother me….lol

        1. I only bother you because you are an idiot. Hey people this guy referenced GQ for gaming suggestions, LMFAO! And I also see you’ve been posting a lot of comments that why I say you are busy sending back your console. While I only bug you. Thats all I have time for between work, gf, and ps4.

          1. nah…you bother me because you have NO GAMES on the lagstation or you haven’t recieved yours back yet from yoshida-san…did he make you pay for shipping?…gf?…i guess your date with the tranny was a success?…once agian you bore me loser….BYE!!

          2. well i guess that means your “out” now that that tranny is busting up your a-hole…lmao…and sony had a hell of alot more pieceofshitstation 3.5 brick right out of the box…and waited for ever to acknowledge it out of fear of failure as usual and you have to wait what a week to get the box from them, then send in your lagstation, then they have to fix the brick that they SOLD to you and then send it back..that’s what a six week process…where as microsoft sends you a new xbox one with a box to mail in your broken one…that’s customer service…not the fear of denial like sony….you should worry about pleasing that tranny that’s tearing you up, and get over the fact that microsoft is wiping the floor with sony!!

          3. Actually my friend, you are in denial, because if you ACTUALLY read any news sony was pretty proactive from the start and people were happy with the customer service. I read that people were getting their systems back within days. Also they reported right away it was .4% or just under 1%. Microsoft still hasnt given us numbers on the rushed box. So much for your argument. They are still shitting on you. Makes sense cause your brain is so full of shit that it is clouding your judgement. And havent you heard xboxs future is up in the air contingent on the new ceo. So xbox will either be continued on by a shitty company or disbanded, lol. Still have confidence in your machine? And btw SHE’S NOT A TRANNY! But thanks for setting us up:)

          4. Man u xboxers are having all kinds of problems, eh? Shitty games, broke systems, possible sell out, only sold as many xbox around the whole world as ps4 in US (Ps4 should sell another mil this friday).

  8. So many xbots in denial just like sony fanboys were in denial with the whole HDMI issues the PS4 had; every new hardware is going to have issues at launch; the xbox one isnt an exception. this isnt a fake video others have been posting videos of the same issue with the crunching disc tray on youtube and twitter.

  9. Definitely occurring in 10%-20% of all XBOX ONE consoles including my own unfortunately. Reports are going up all over FB twitter vine and xbox official forums, an those are just the people actually reporting the issue. This could prove a serious issue to those customers with sold out day one editions. Like myself. FML

    1. Yeah he bought an xbox just to show it doesn’t work that makes sense. I’m gonna spend $500 an increase MS sales when I hate them.

  10. Lmao! At all these the video looks edited have none of you seen a vine video before… You record in spurts cause it only give you a short time frame about 15 seconds to record… So to say its edited is a reach for the stars…

  11. makes me laugh that some people seem to think that this kid would pre-order and the spend over £400 on an xbox one and then dispite the planning involved in pre-ordering, the anticipation building over the months of waiting, the excitement of finally getting his shiny new console set up and out of the box, his first thought is not to play it, “but lets make a fake video of it breaking because deep down i hate bill gates and his glasses, ps4 ftw f**k microsoft lmfaoooo loooololll jajajaja” and all the rest.

  12. Anyone who wants more proof, send me your E-mail and I’ll show you proof of this. It’s worse for me. The disc doesn’t even go all the way into the system before it rejects it.

  13. The butthurt and fanboyism in these comments is bloody unreal. This is a widespread reported issue wtih multiple videos. Also vines are only so long…..
    Get over your sorry fanboy ass and accept that first batch problems exist.

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