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‘Darksiders’ creative director leaves Vigil

I never thought I’d see the day where major industry updates were delivered through Facebook and Twitter, but that practice is becoming more and more common. Take, for instance, today’s announcement from Joe Madureira, creative director of the Darksiders series and co-founder of Vigil Games,  which states that Madureira is leaving Vigil. Said Madureira: Farewell and […]Read More


‘Darksiders II’ DLC outed through new image

Darksiders II is a pretty fantastic game, and while its first piece of DLC, “Argul’s Tomb,” didn’t reach the highs of the core campaign, a new bit of content has been revealed that should get fans excited about Death once again. We know little about what the second addition to THQ and Vigil Games’ open-world […]Read More


Darksiders II Will Reward Fans With In-Game Items

If you’re counting down the days to the quickly-approaching release of Vigil and THQ’s Darksiders II, you probably have some old save data for the original game sitting on a hard drive. Well, make sure to keep that save safe in the next few weeks, as fans with this content on their console will be receiving some serious […]Read More