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Platinum Games may pick up ‘Darksiders’

Yesterday’s auction of THQ’s assets saw plenty of studios moving on to new, exciting publishers, but Darksiders developer Vigil Games was left out in the cold. Now, thanks to some Twitter investigation, it seems like Platinum Games may be interested in joining forces with the Four Horsemen. IGN was first to report that spotter and translator […]Read More


THQ staff now reporting job loss

The hugely important auction of THQ assets is now over, and while most of the information is still private, some staff members and developers under the company’s roof are reporting their unemployment. This isn’t exactly a fun topic to cover, but Twitter has wrought a grouping of Tweets that tell a sad tale for many people who […]Read More


Darksiders: From imitation to homage

It’s nearly impossible to explain an entertainment product without some sort of comparison. Any given action flick may be best described as a clone of Die Hard, an indie rock band might produce a cord that’s oddly familiar to something from a Smashing Pumpkins song and a modern-day platformer will probably wear its Super Mario Bros. inspirations on […]Read More