‘Darksiders II’ DLC outed through new image

 ‘Darksiders II’ DLC outed through new image

Darksiders II is a pretty fantastic game, and while its first piece of DLC, “Argul’s Tomb,” didn’t reach the highs of the core campaign, a new bit of content has been revealed that should get fans excited about Death once again.

We know little about what the second addition to THQ and Vigil Games’ open-world title will be like, but the new image shown above, which was accompanied by the below tweet taken from the game’s official Twitter account, at least teases what’s to come.

This is a location that wasn’t featured in the original world established by Darksiders II, so it seems as if we’ll get some new environments and, if the developers are nice, fresh loot. We’ll hopefully get a name, date and details in the coming weeks.

Did you enjoy Darksiders II? Are you ready to jump back in and experience more content? Let us know what you think by leaving a comment below!

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