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‘Saints Row IV’ Review: Fun to the IV’th Power

Modern-day tellings of heroes and villains are no stranger to bizarre backstories, but the Saints Row series (as in everything) pushed the storytelling limits with its unnamed protagonist. From gang grunt to crime lord to pop culture idol to President of America and finally, the champion of humanity. How can this insane plot arc hold […]Read More


‘Saints Row IV’ will skip the Wii U

When Saints Row IV hits this summer, Wii U owners won’t be able to get in on the fun. New publisher Deep Silver confirmed Friday, per Polygon, that the latest entry in the popular open-world action-adventure franchise won’t hit Nintendo’s console, though no official reason was given for the decision. The game is scheduled to […]Read More


Shut up and get excited for ‘Saints Row IV’

The first two Saints Row games were essentially GTA clones. They had select moments that were unique, but were filled with far too many redundant gameplay choices. But, with Saints Row: The Third, Volition took the open-world style of GTA and ran in the completely opposite direction. The Third celebrates the game-ness of the genre, ratcheting every aspect upwards beyond the […]Read More