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Rumor: New ‘League of Legends’ champion leaked

The official League of Legends forums are absolutely abuzz over a what may be a leaked upcoming champion. Named Lucien, the Gun Templar, this champion wields two different colored weapons. Rather surprisingly, he’s also colored, which is only worth pointing out because League is notorious for it’s lack of diverse skin color. Right now this should be taken as […]Read More


New ‘League of Legends’ skin sale hits tomorrow

Starting tomorrow and running though Monday, you’ll be able to pick up another set of League of Legends skins or champions for cheaper than normal prices. Shadow Prince Malzahar, Infernal Alistar, and Galactic Renekton will all be discounted to 260, 487, and 260 Riot Points, respectively. It’s a relatively boring sale, but I don’t think anyone’s complaining […]Read More


‘League of Legends’ patch 3.6 notes and preview

It was only this morning that we posted about the next League of Legends patch being right around the corner. It looks like that date may be right around the corner. Riot Games has posted the official patch notes for update 3.6. Included is the Frejlord update, balancing fixes, the Great Abyss and ARAM matchmaking, and more! […]Read More