Logitech G430 Gaming Headset Review

There are three variations of headsets gamers desire: the cheap ones just for console chat, expensive, surround-sound multipurpose headsets, and those falling somewhere in between the two extremes. The Logitech G430 falls into the last category, leaning slightly toward a more expensive, high-quality model. With a black and light-blue color scheme, the headset looks like […]Read More


Xbox One can redeem content via QR codes

Those who frequent Reddit are probably already familiar with an image which recently reached the front page. It pleads Microsoft to let users use QR codes, rather than 25 character codes, if they’re going to require every console ship with Kinect Marc Whitten, Corporate Vice President at Xbox, saw the image and took to Twitter […]Read More


Amazon’s Digital Games Summer Sale now live

While many may be wondering when the Steam Summer Sale will begin, Amazon has started their Digital Games Summer Sale under the radar. From now until July 14, Amazon will have great deals on PC and Mac Game Downloads, Free-to-Play starter packs, Indie Games, bundles, and more. Almost 900 titles are included in the sale with Borderlands […]Read More