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Sony’s Play Days promotion returns

Sony’s Play Days promotion, which heavily discounts a slew of popular PlayStation products, will be returning just in time for the holidays. On Dec. 16, gamers will be able to take up to 60 percent off of PlayStation 3 products and accessories. Looking for a new controller or headset? Take a look at the list […]Read More


Rumor: New PS4 dev kits being sent to developers

VG247 has been told by several sources that new versions of the PS4 (codenamed Orbis) development kits have been shipped out to developers. This is apparently the second iteration of the hardware to be sent to devs and has been described as a “modified PC.” A close to final spec version of the hardware will […]Read More


Sony teases new video titled ‘The Reload”

A new video was uploaded to Sony’s YouTube channel this morning and doesn’t give us much indication on what it is. A women is shown polishing a gun when there’s a power surge, causing electricity to flicker. Check it out below: What could this mean? Something related to InFamous? Destructoid noticed an Ape Escape reference […]Read More


PlayStation Vita will drop price in 2013

The PlayStation Vita, Sony’s portable device that’s been struggling at retail ever since launch, will see a price cut sometime next year. When, exactly? Well, the date, along with the new price, are yet to be determined. Sony UK boss Fergal Gara confirmed at the Eurogamer Expo that the Vita won’t stay at $250 all next […]Read More


Sony announces ‘PSN Day 1 Digital’ program

You may have recently noticed that Sony has begun to offer downloadable retail games on their launch date – most recently this was the case with Borderlands 2. However, the publisher has announced the new PSN Day 1 Digital program where big-name games will be hitting PSN on the same day they hit retail stores. So […]Read More

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Sony Wants More ‘Art-House’ Titles

Few people who have played Journey can say they weren’t at least a little impressed by it. The game’s (estimated) sales figures and popularity support that its artsy style and off-the-beaten-path gameplay resonated with fans. With that in mind, along with other indie titles that have risen to the top, Sony is looking to expand its library […]Read More