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PlayStation 4 games will continue to cost $59.99

Earlier this week, Microsoft took some time to confirm that their first-party games would continue to be priced at the standard $59.99. With Sony having been tight lipped so far, Shacknews reached out to them for a comment, to which a representative said, “We have announced the pricing for our first party line up of […]Read More


‘MLB 13 The Show’ dev diary released

Spring training in in full swing down in Florida, which can mean only one thing: the next installment of MLB The Show is on the horizon. To get baseball fans hyped, Sony’s team has released a developer blog, the latest edition of which focuses on the game’s titular mode, “Road to the Show.” Narrated by game […]Read More


PlayStation Vita Holiday Buyer’s Guide

The PlayStation Vita didn’t have the greatest launch. There are problems which stem from releasing new hardware that no company can avoid, but with a severe lack of launch titles, the system hit a rough patch from the get go. Since this initial launch, however, Sony has been hard at work making the Vita into […]Read More