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Sony Bundles Up with PlayStation Collections

With the introduction of Sony’s brand new PlayStation Collections today, the company hopes to take advantage of some of its most serially successful exclusives. The idea is simple, and its title is pretty self-explanatory; Starting with the Infamous and God of War series, Sony will be combining some of its exclusive lines of titles into […]Read More


Darksiders 2 – The Last Sermon Live Action Trailer

THQ recently commissioned Game of Thrones actor, James Cosmo to bring life to a live action Darksiders 2 trailer entitled “The Last Sermon”. Below is the official trailer and a link to the full uncut version can be found on the Darksiders 2’s Facebook page. Along with the release of the trailer THQ is happy […]Read More


PlayStation Network Goes Down Unexpectedly

Though no scheduled¬†maintenance¬†has been noted by Sony, PSN is currently offline. Youtube and Netflix are said to be working as usual, but online gaming is currently unavailable. Some users have stated that they’re unable sign into the Network, explaining that the error 8071053D is causing the issue. Greg Miller of IGN fame seems to be […]Read More