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Mass Effect 3 Reduced to 50% Off Today

Fancy saving the galaxy? Well, it’s just your luck that you’ll be able to do so at an affordable price.  That’s right, Mass Effect is on sale for today only at half off of the original price. Amazon is currently holding a deal for Mass Effect 3 at the incredible price of $30.  It’s pretty […]Read More


How to Hijack an Atlas Mech in Mass Effect 3

If you’ve delved a few hours into the single or multiplayer in Mass Effect 3, you’ve undoubtedly come across the wonderful Atlas mech.  Posing quite a problem for you the first few times you encounter it, it can be fairly frustrating to kill.  However, once you’ve learned the weakness of the mech, they aren’t as […]Read More


Mass Effect 3 Face Import Patch Hits Today

When Mass Effect 3 launched, fans were rather vocal about the issues with importing the face of their Commander Shepard.  With fans having so much time invested in the series, something like the incorrect face for your character can be rather frustrating. If you’ve been rather extreme about not playing until the issue was fixed, […]Read More


Mass Effect 3’s Ending Changed with DLC This Summer

Since a few days after the release of Mass Effect 3, the gaming side of the internet has been in an uproar.  Quite a few rather self-entitled fans raised concern over the ending of Mass Effect 3, and ultimately petitioned for BioWare to change it. Unbelievably so, BioWare has decided that they’ll do just that […]Read More


Amazon Hosts Huge Sale on Select Games

If you’re in the market for a new game or two, then Amazon’s latest sale is right up your alley.  While the discounts vary, quite a few games are listed at 50% off their original price when they only released a few short weeks ago. Below, we’ve listed some of the more impressive titles in […]Read More


Amazon Offering Buy 2, Get 1 Free on Games

It’s been a busy first few months for video game fans.  A slew of quality releases have hit your favorite retailers, but buying every game that you want hasn’t been the most feasible option.  If you’ve been waiting for a great deal, then Amazon’s running a great special for you. Amazon hasn’t specified an end […]Read More