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More Mass Effect Multiplayer Details Revealed

Call me crazy, but saying the words “Mass Effect” and “multiplayer” in the same sentence still seems a little off. It’s almost like “Detroit Lions” and “winning,” but the world hasn’t ended yet after those two have come together either (Granted, it may end in Mass Effect 3 regardless of how well the multiplayer turns […]Read More


First Mass Effect 3 Multiplayer Footage Surfaces

After breaking the news on the Mass Effect 3 mutliplayer details, we’re back to bring Mass Effect fans their very first glimpse at multiplayer footage.  While the BioWare Pulse video we’re about to show you may slowly kill you, mostly due to the announcer, it’s worth watching as you’ll get your first glimpse at the […]Read More


Mass Effect 3 Multiplayer Details Revealed

While fans may not be the “happiest” initially over Mass Effect 3 adding a multiplayer component, they should at least delve into the details before making any decisions.  Mass Effect 3 still has a few months to go, but in the December issue of the Official Xbox Magazine, quite a few details on the multiplayer […]Read More