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6 Best Game Series of This Generation

With this console generation coming to a close, it is time to look back at some of the games that made these past several years so much fun. Here are six series that really stood apart from everything else for their innovations in gameplay, storytelling, and artistic merit. The main rule of this list is […]Read More


BioWare wants feedback on ‘Mass Effect 3’ multiplayer

BioWare wants to know what you think about Mass Effect 3’s multiplayer. The developer launched a survey, available until a week from today, meant to measure fans’ reactions to the mode. Individual maps are discussed, with various questions regarding difficulty and overall aesthetic quality. Multiplayer was a new addition to the popular series, leading many to initially […]Read More


Before the game comes concept art – Benjamin Huen: ‘Mass Effect 3’

The Mass Effect franchise has always been artistically beautiful. From the sprawl of the Citadel to the streets of Omega, around every turn is a breathtaking view. The artists responsible for creating such masterpieces certainly deserve credit where it’s due, but we often forget that creating characters is also a largely visual process. Each character undoubtedly goes […]Read More