Mass Effect 3 Reduced to 50% Off Today

 Mass Effect 3 Reduced to 50% Off Today

Fancy saving the galaxy? Well, it’s just your luck that you’ll be able to do so at an affordable price.  That’s right, Mass Effect is on sale for today only at half off of the original price.

Amazon is currently holding a deal for Mass Effect 3 at the incredible price of $30.  It’s pretty rare to see a title that’s done so well be at the half off mark this quickly after launch.

The sale goes across all platforms, even the digital download option for the PC.  As a reminder, the sale is only lasting through today and will be removed once the date turns to April 25th. Don’t wait, pick up a copy of Mass Effect 3 for half off!

What do you think about the latest sale for Mass Effect 3?  If you’ve played the game, what’s your opinion on it?  Be sure to let us know what you think by leaving us a comment below, or discuss Mass Effect 3 in our forums.

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