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Fan Art Favorites: Mass Effect Propaganda by Arkis

Toronto resident Anthony describes himself as an artist and hobbyist. Recently he found himself obsessed with making Mass Effect propaganda posters giving a quick look at what each race would bring to the table with the war against the Reapers. The method to his madness is actually relatively simple, he creates the various characters with pen and […]Read More


Dive Into The Latest Mass Effect 3: Leviathan Trailer

Bioware released it’s fair share of quality DLC for Mass Effect 2, and the developer has certainly been trying to do the same with 3. Earlier this month we learned about the first campaign add-on, entitled Leviathan, and Bioware has decided to tease us with a new trailer. The story will take place during the events of Mass Effect […]Read More


Mass Effect 3 – Leviathan Campaign DLC Announced

BioWare has finally revealed the first post-release campaign add-on for Mass Effect 3. Titled ‘Leviathan,’ the DLC will task you with finding a “weapon” that even the Reapers fear. Something lurks in the dark corners of space, something powerful enough to kill a Reaper. Shepard must discover the most closely guarded secret in the galaxy before […]Read More


Mass Effect Announcement Incoming

The trilogy may be complete, but there are still a number of exciting things that will undoubtedly be done with the Mass Effect franchise in the future. Whether it be single-player DLC, news for the upcoming Wii U port of the third game or something entirely different, some news regarding the franchise will be broken tonight. That’s […]Read More


Confessions of a Mass Effect Fanboy

I’ve had some interesting experiences with the Mass Effect franchise. In fact, I’m probably what you’d call a fanboy. I’ve bought every single piece of downloadable content released, I’ve played over 300 hours of the franchise in total, and I’ve grown emotionally attached to every character in some way. I hate to see them go with the […]Read More