Fan Art Favorites: Mass Effect Propaganda by Arkis

 Fan Art Favorites: Mass Effect Propaganda by Arkis

Toronto resident Anthony describes himself as an artist and hobbyist. Recently he found himself obsessed with making Mass Effect propaganda posters giving a quick look at what each race would bring to the table with the war against the Reapers. The method to his madness is actually relatively simple, he creates the various characters with pen and marker on paper, scans it into his computer, and then does all of the coloring. At first glance, I couldn’t believe that these weren’t renders, so feast your eyes upon his creations!

ME3- Legion

“Legion is one of my favourite characters, his dialogue and insights are always interesting to hear.”

ME3 – Wrex

“This one focusses on Wrex, and the rebirth of the Krogan. The Krogan are sure to be a major force in the coming war, but only if they can be unified, and most importantly, cured. If they are, the Krogan could be the galaxies most potent tool against the Reapers, and once again a major force amongst the stars….”

Mass Effect 3: Mordin

“The Salarians have a rather spotted history when it comes to dealing with Galactic events, from unleashing the Rachni, to then unleashing the Krogan in response. Once that didn’t pan out, they condemned the Krogan to a slow death via the genophage. Mordin is the most apt example of the ethical dilemma that his species has placed itself in. In the coming war, the redemption of himself and his species may be the key to the survival of the galaxy…”

Mass Effect 3: Liara

“The Asari are a species of great wisdom and grace; with her new position, Liara is now the Asari with the most information of them all. But all of that wisdom will mean nothing if they cannot understand the Reapers and their weakness’.”

Mass Effect 3: Tali

“Tali and the Quarians are no strangers to the horrors of facing a machine invasion. As other races scramble to defend their homeworld’s, the Quarians may wield the most potent tool for defeating the Reapers: The Migrant Fleet. However, trapped between increasingly volatile politics and a crippling immune system, the Quarians may only be moved to aid the other races of the galaxy in exchange for that which they desire most: the sanctuary of a world to call their own.”

Mass Effect 3: Garrus

“The Turians as a society are steeped in discipline and military doctrine. From their outset as a council race, they have been at the forefront of each and every military action. Garrus is no different; having endured a life full of conflict, strife and loss. Once the Reapers arrive, the Turians will be the first line of defence. Should the galaxy survive, the Turians, and hopefully Garrus, may find something they have not experienced in a very long, time: peace.”

Mass Effect 3: Shepard

“Commander Shepard. First Human Spectre, Saviour of the Citadel. The Commander is what it’s all about. Whether your Shepard is a by-the-book man of honour, an outside the law woman of action, or something else entirely, the fate of the galaxy rests on them. The Commander is not fighting just for earth, but dozens of civilizations; trillions of people, hundreds of thousands of years of culture and heritage, the legacy of their past, and all hopes for the future. The cycle has never been broken. Shepard’s choices, will determine the fate of us all.

Consider yourself reinstated, Commander. Your destiny awaits.”

Mass Effect 3: The Crew

“The crew poster! The reason I wanted them all in the same, boring pose!”

We would like to thank Anthony for his wondrous works of art and of course BioWare for creating such an immersive universe. Make sure to check out Arkis’ deviantART page for more of his works, we suspect we’ll be featuring him again sometime.

Have an artist that you’re fond of? Let us know, you might just get their work featured!

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