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‘Crysis 3’ open beta now available, tutorial video released

The open beta for EA and Crytek’s Crysis 3 is out now across all major platforms, and to get players prepared for the action, the developers have released a nifty tutorial video. Today’s beta will include two unique gameplay types: Hunter Mode and Crash Site. The first, Hunter Mode, involves two permanently cloaked Hunters battling it out with up to 12 […]Read More


‘God of War: Ascension’ multiplayer beta begins

If you just so happened to receive a God of War: Ascension beta key from your purchase of “Rise of The Warrior,” you may now begin to download the bloody experience. With the latest patch included, expect a hefty 2GB download before you can sink your teeth into this multiplayer experience. After that, the arena of […]Read More


‘Primal Carnage’ launching next week

The hot, Dinosaur-on-human action of Primal Carnage may be in beta now, but hungry players will be rewarded next week with the release of the full game. Anyone who pre-ordered the PC title pis probably eating humans online as we speak, but that $15 pre-order will soon be fulfilled by the launch of this class-based shooter. […]Read More


‘God of War: Ascension’ beta coming winter 2012

Kratos will most likely be making one, final stand on this generation of consoles with God of War: Ascension, and while we won’t get to experience his full rage until early next year, a multiplayer beta will be provided to fans before the winter is over. A handful of Kratos enthusiasts don’t even think this mythical action […]Read More