‘Primal Carnage’ launching next week

 ‘Primal Carnage’ launching next week

The hot, Dinosaur-on-human action of Primal Carnage may be in beta now, but hungry players will be rewarded next week with the release of the full game.

Anyone who pre-ordered the PC title pis probably eating humans online as we speak, but that $15 pre-order will soon be fulfilled by the launch of this class-based shooter. An exclusive in-game feathered raptor skin will be given to people who purchased the game at the Primal Carnage website, Steam, GameStop, GamersGate, and Rain, but really, just being able to play the game is reward enough. Just ask our features editor, Chris Hague, about how crazy this shooter is.

Look to join in on the PC insanity October 29.

Are you ready to experience all that is Primal Carnage? Have you pre-ordered the game yet? Let us know what you think by leaving a comment below!

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