‘Dead Rising 3’ Receives 13 GB Patch

The Xbox One, Dead Rising 3 has gotten a massive update—one that takes up 13 GB of space. According to IGN, the patch was meant to prepare the game for the DLC that dropped on January 21st—called Operation Broken Eagle. And, it fixes several gameplay bugs that the player encounters, which include: scripting issues, item acquisition improvements, […]Read More


Steam Now Has 75 Million Active Users

Steam has been growing for many years, and—with the looming launch of the Steam Machines—the popular video game downloading service has reached a milestone; the site now has 75 Million active users. In addition, Andrea Castellano of Gameranx reported that Steam’s growth in the past three months has been at the figure of 10 Million—a […]Read More


‘Bioshock: Infinite’ Now Available for Free On Playstation Plus

The popular first person shooter Bioshock: Infinite is available on Playstation Plus as of yesterday. Receiving overall favorable reviews—culminating in a 4.5 out 5 stars on Metacritic—Bioshock Infinite was released on consoles on March 26th, 2013. Now available for download on the new Playstation 4 network, Sony’s promotion of their newest online venture has caused […]Read More


6 Literature Classics That Would Be Great Video Games

Beginning with Pong, Video Games have covered a considerable distance during the past half of a century—what was once a pixelated form of time wasting entertainment has become a legitimate medium for storytelling. And, given the new-millennium fascination with remakes—recreations of stories that transcend time and mediums—the gaming industry’s shocking neglect of some classic pieces […]Read More