‘The Division’ May Be Delayed Until 2015

To say Ubisoft has been busy would be an understatement; releasing a launch title for the Eighth Generation Consoles, the post-poning of Watch Dogs, and now the delay of The Division. An unknown source on the game’s development team told GameReactor that, “the game works well, it’s not done but it works well. The actual […]Read More


‘Daylight’ Promises Spontaneous Horror For Indie Gamers

In the horror genre—regardless of the medium through which the story is told—the line “is anyone there?!” seldom bodes well for the protagonist. Such was the opening line in the trailer for Daylight— an upcoming indie horror, dungeon-crawler title for the Playstation 4 and PC. Evan Narcisse of Kotaku reported that it is “going to […]Read More


‘Warframe’ Rated For the Xbox One in Europe

It looks as though Warframe will be coming to the Xbox One—per its rating for the aforementioned system by Pan European Game Information (PEGI). Receiving a rating of “18”—claiming it contains “Extreme Violence”—Warframe has previously been available on the PC and Playstation 4. Free to play, Warframe has thus far gathered a 3.5 rating on […]Read More


Speculating Future Settings for Assassin’s Creed

It is clear that the Assassin’s Creed franchise is at a crossroads. And, despite Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag’s laudable quality and overall complimentary reviews, it is clear that Ubisoft is planning  for Assassin’s Creed V and beyond. In July of 2013, an article by Stephen Totilo was released on Kotaku stating “Ubisoft has three […]Read More