Microsoft reveals ‘Xbox IllumiRoom’ concept video

At this point, gamers feel they know just about all that Kinect can be used for on the Xbox 360. The method of thinking behind Kinect at this point has been largely motion controls and voice commands, but Microsoft’s latest concept video offers a new perspective. Using Kinect as well as a special projector system, […]Read More


Unfinished Bizarre Creations project revealed in new videos

It has been almost two years since Bizarre Creations was closed down. Developer of smash hits Geometry Wars, Project Gotham Racing and the sadly underrated Blur, Bizarre has been sorely missed. If your heart had just begun to mind, we apologize  it’s about to get broken again. Not our fault though, blame former Lead Environment Artists, […]Read More


Dante introduces himself in new DmC CG trailer

Capcom have released a new CG trailer for Ninja Theory’s reboot of Devil May Cry, DmC. It is unsurprisingly stylish, showing the game’s protagonist Dante heading to the bank, seemingly oblivious to the world falling apart around him. Once he reaches his destination, Dante becomes a little more animated, wasting no time in taking out […]Read More


‘PlayStation All-Stars: Battle Royale’ Kratos guide

Another day, another character guide for Sony and SuperBot Entertainment’s PlayStation All-Stars: Battle Royale. Sony’s brawler may resemble the very popular Super Smash Bros. series, but the strategies needed in order to become truly successful in both the single and multiplayer features are quite unique. Today, we take a look at what makes God of […]Read More


Clip of the Week: The Joy & Danger of ‘Far Cry 3’

In Far Cry 3, it’s easy to get distracted. With such a large open-world that literally feels like it’s living on its own, you’re bound to find quite a few dangers along with hilarious moments as you work towards completing the game’s campaign. YouTube user Criken2 recently released a video showcasing some rather interesting encounters […]Read More