Unfinished Bizarre Creations project revealed in new videos

It has been almost two years since Bizarre Creations was closed down. Developer of smash hits Geometry Wars, Project Gotham Racing and the sadly underrated Blur, Bizarre has been sorely missed. If your heart had just begun to mind, we apologize  it’s about to get broken again.

Not our fault though, blame former Lead Environment Artists, Chris Davie. Since Bizarre Chris has gone on to co-found Lucid Games, who incidentally just got a shiny new website. Perhaps spurred by the two year anniversary of the shut down, Chris has taken to Tumblr to post a couple of videos of an unannounced project Bizarre had been working on.

Though posted at the same time, it’s unclear if both videos are of the same project. The first has a lot of assets reused from Blur, with Davie stating it “shows us trying out some new visual effects, partly just because we thought it would be cool, and partly to see how more intense effects would effect the player’s experience.”

The second video shows an alpha level from an “unannounced project,” the level is set in Dubai and is apparently in a brand new engine that Bizarre had been developing, but unfortunately never shipped any games using. It shows a game very reminiscent of Split/Second, with a focus on over the top action. Davie admits to putting a lot of work into this particular level as things were coming to an end at Bizarre, and it certainly shows. Check out both videos below, and get very sad.

Shared from chrisdavie using Embeddlr

Shared from chrisdavie using Embeddlr


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