Microsoft reveals ‘Xbox IllumiRoom’ concept video

At this point, gamers feel they know just about all that Kinect can be used for on the Xbox 360. The method of thinking behind Kinect at this point has been largely motion controls and voice commands, but Microsoft’s latest concept video offers a new perspective.

Using Kinect as well as a special projector system, IllumiRoom brings to life the idea that was leaked via a patent a few months ago. Your gaming becomes more immersive as portions of the game’s environment are showcased within your room.

You’ll see gameplay of a first-person shooter that reminds us of Unreal Tournament, but the real wow factor comes when you see the snow and solar system effects.

Microsoft has stated that the video footage was shot live and has not had any “special effects” added. The patent, which we mentioned above, also detailed the use of 3D-glasses with the system that would help with the augmentation process.

What do you think of Microsoft’s brand new concept? Would you buy a Kinect for an experience similar to this? Be sure to let us know what you think by leaving us a comment below, or discuss IllumiRoom in our forums.

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