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Official Twitch.tv app now available on Xbox Live

Since launching in 2011, Twitch.tv has done nothing but grow. Acting as an ESPN of sorts for gaming, players flock to the website to showcase games they’re playing and to grow their persona in front of what can be thousands of gamers at a time. With the success of Twitch as it approaches its second […]Read More


‘Saints Row IV’ walkthrough video

When the original trailer for Saints Row IV was released, several fans echoed the concern that it looked very similar to Saints Row: The Third. There was also the concern that a planned DLC for that game eventually just got rolled into another full game. Hopefully, this new walkthrough video should alleviate the fears of even the most […]Read More


‘Saints Row 4’ Meet the President trailer

It’s already been announced that Volition’s Saints Row 4 will eventually see the hero become President of the United States. This new trailer shows little “legislation” and how much “getting done (read: destroying everything)” would happen if that were actually the case. The trailer has all of the requisite elements of the series, but focuses a […]Read More


‘Pacific Rim’ game screenshots

Earlier today we told you about the existence of a Pacific Rim game to accompany the movie coming out this summer. Now, Polygon has unearthed some screenshots. I’m getting a strong Godzilla: Destroy All Monsters Melee vibe from these screenshots. It definitely doesn’t look like any sort of wrestling game that    Yuke’s Co. is accustomed to, seeming […]Read More