‘Saints Row IV’ walkthrough video

 ‘Saints Row IV’ walkthrough video

When the original trailer for Saints Row IV was released, several fans echoed the concern that it looked very similar to Saints Row: The Third. There was also the concern that a planned DLC for that game eventually just got rolled into another full game. Hopefully, this new walkthrough video should alleviate the fears of even the most skeptical Saints.

Senior producer Jim Boone narrates a pre-alpha demo from PAX East and illustrates some of the new features of the sequel. True to form, this game should be suitably zany, as soon you will have access to a gun that inflates people, superpowers, cosmetic weapon customization, and what might be one of the most ridiculous weapons ever to grace gaming: the Dubstep gun. It doesn’t appear to do anything other than make loud wub-wub and make people dance. Check out the video below.

Is this enough to justify another full-priced game, or are you hoping Volition has some more crazy features up its sleeves? Tell us in the comments or discuss Saints Row IV in our forums!

[youtube id=”lz8EDvU7pJc” width=”620″ height=”360″]

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