‘Pacific Rim’ game screenshots

 ‘Pacific Rim’ game screenshots

Earlier today we told you about the existence of a Pacific Rim game to accompany the movie coming out this summer. Now, Polygon has unearthed some screenshots.

I’m getting a strong Godzilla: Destroy All Monsters Melee vibe from these screenshots. It definitely doesn’t look like any sort of wrestling game that    Yuke’s Co. is accustomed to, seeming to have much more of a brawler focus. A far bit of game information can be gleaned from these images: it looks like there will be an upgrade system in place for each of the characters (which look to number at least half a dozen), super moves, health and power(?) gauges (as well as a third gauge for some characters), and perhaps finishers. Each character also seems to have a very specific set of quantitative stats, which will hopefully diversify our choices. Also, check out the screenshot featuring the menu choices–I spy an “assembly” option. Will we get to build and customize our own robots? Time will tell, but there is still no release date set for the game.

Now that you’ve seen what the game looks like, how does that change your expectations for the game? Are they higher? Lower? Nonexistent? Tell us in the comments, or discuss your thoughts on the title in our forums!

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