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‘Rayman Legends’ Preview: The Wii U’s most beautiful exclusive

Last year’s Rayman Origins by Ubisoft Montpellier was a sidescrolling sleeper hit, gaining huge praise from critics all over the board. It featured four-player local co-op, tight controls and an absolutely stunning visual design that was complemented by an adorably charming soundtrack. Unfortunately, since the game wasn’t a first-person shooter or a third-person action game, […]Read More


‘Rayman Legends’ releases Feb 26

Fans of the new revival of Rayman need not wait much longer for the limbless hero’s Wii U debut. Rayman Legends releases February 28 in EMEA territories, March 1 in the UK, and February 26 in the US. Expect a demo on the sShop on December 13. Rayman Legends is a continuation of the ideas fostered […]Read More


‘Rayman Legends’ slips into 2013

Ubisoft’s beautiful, whimsical platformer, Rayman Legends, won’t be able to make the Wii U’s November launch this year. While once hoped to release before the new year, Legends now has a target launch window of 2013’s first quarter. It’s unfortunate news, but the decision has been made for the sake of quality. “We’re happy that fans are […]Read More


Rayman Legends is Exclusive to the Wii U

Rayman Origins was one of the best games to come out last year and a resurgence for the character of Rayman. Announced on the Wii U at E3 2012, Rayman Legends is looking to continue that trend and looks like stellar platforming. If you were expecting to get the game on another system, prepare to […]Read More