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Missing ‘Rayman Legends’ Vita content coming via patch

If you’re a PlayStation Vita gamer and picked up Rayman Legends, you may have noticed that the game is missing some content. Thankfully, it appears that the content might be headed to the portable system later. Gary Steinman, the man behind UbiBlog (Ubisoft’s…blog), made a post yesterday heralding the release of the limbless hero’s newest adventure. […]Read More


‘Rayman Legends’ for Vita missing 28 levels

A large portion of the single-player levels of Rayman Legends are missing from the Vita version. The missing content comes in the form of “Invasion challenges,” a mode in which the player tries to finish as quickly as possible where existing levels are meshed together. NeoGAF members have pointed out that the collectible Teensies are […]Read More


‘Rayman Legends’ to release on PC at launch

We can now add PC to the list of platforms Rayman Legends will hit when it launches later this year. Better yet, those who pre-order through Ubisoft’s online store will also receive a free copy of Rayman Origins. Originally scheduled to be a launch title for the Wii U, Legends has seen multiple delays as Ubisoft prepares the game for […]Read More