‘Rayman Legends’ releases Feb 26

 ‘Rayman Legends’ releases Feb 26

Fans of the new revival of Rayman need not wait much longer for the limbless hero’s Wii U debut. Rayman Legends releases February 28 in EMEA territories, March 1 in the UK, and February 26 in the US. Expect a demo on the sShop on December 13.

Rayman Legends is a continuation of the ideas fostered in last year’s Rayman Origins, this time releasing exclusively on the Wii U and taking full advantage of the systems capabilities. That includes controlling secondary characters on the controller’s screen, using the motion control to shift the world, and utilizing the touch screen to destroy obstacles. I’ve played a bit of the game, and while I felt that it might have too many ideas in one place, I still had fun with it. The zany humor from the first game is also intact.

If you have a Wii U, will you be picking the game up? Tell us in the comments, or vent your frustration over the game’s Wii U exclusivity in our forums!

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