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‘Payday 2’ already profitable 6 days before launch

It’s weirdly satisfying when a developer and publisher turn a profit on their game by knowing their audience and having a sensible budget and projection. Overkill Studios, Starbreeze Studios, and 505 Games are the most recent people to pull this off with Payday 2. What makes this even cooler is that the game isn’t even […]Read More


Contest: Win a $10 PSN Voucher

Admit it, you like free things. If you’ve been wishing for a little extra cash to help you buy a game or item that you want on the Playstation Store, then our latest contest is exactly what you need. We’re giving away a $10 PSN voucher to one lucky reader. How do you enter? Simple, […]Read More


‘Deadpool’ Review

At one point in Deadpool, High Moon’s take on Marvel’s foul mouthed anti-hero, you’re presented with a quick time event in which you get to slap Wolverine across the face. Now what makes this particular quick time event worth noting is that it can go on for a long time, multiple minutes in fact. After […]Read More


‘The Last of Us’ Review

I never thought that a survival/horror title would be among the greatest games I’d ever played, but after experiencing (because “playing” just doesn’t seem to apply) The Last of Us, it’s hard to remember a game I’ve liked more. Strangely, even the word “liked” seems out of place, because the kind of enjoyment Naughty Dog […]Read More