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‘Sports Champions’ developer hiring for next-gen project

Zindagi Games, the developer behind PlayStation Move hits Sports Champions and Deadmund’s Quest is hiring for next-generation development, according to a job posting on Gamasutra. Aside from the beaten-over-the-head indication that a new generation of consoles is forthcoming,  this posting also lets on that the PlayStation Move might not die with the PS3. The job […]Read More


‘Portal 2’ Motion DLC hitting next week

The PlayStation 3’s Move-compatible Motion DLC for the hit puzzler, Portal 2, will be making its way to the PlayStation Network in the US next week. November 6 may be both election and Halo 4 day, but a meager $9.99 will grant you access to 20 new test chambers that were once only accessible on PC […]Read More


New trailer for ‘Until Dawn’ released

Now that Halloween’s over, why not wind down with some more… uh… scary and messed up stuff? A teaser has popped up for a new survival horror game called Until Dawn, which is being developed by Supermassive Games and published by Sony. The below trailer seems to have a very Saw-like vibe going on; the phrase “if […]Read More