‘Sports Champions’ developer hiring for next-gen project

 ‘Sports Champions’ developer hiring for next-gen project

Zindagi Games, the developer behind PlayStation Move hits Sports Champions and Deadmund’s Quest is hiring for next-generation development, according to a job posting on Gamasutra.

Aside from the beaten-over-the-head indication that a new generation of consoles is forthcoming,  this posting also lets on that the PlayStation Move might not die with the PS3.

The job description reads as follows:

“The Playstation Move is among the most exciting developments in gaming over the past 2 years, and Zindagi is one of the driving forces behind it. Working as a 2nd party studio, we’ve collaborated directly with Sony on the Move tech since its inception all the way through R&D and production. The result is that Zindagi is the top selling Move developer in the world, selling millions of units along the way.

2013 will be a big year for Zindagi. With projects ranging from mobile to nex-gen console, we are looking for extremely talented performers to join our team!”

With rumors circulating that the Xbox 720 will require a Kinect connection, might Sony’s console make its own next-generation claim to motion control?

What do you think about the continuation of motion control into the next generation? Is there enough to improve upon, or are you hoping the industry moves on to its next gimmick sooner rather than later? Let us know in the comments section below.

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