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The next Humble Bundle is Origin focused

Well. That’s surprising, to say the least. The newest Humble Bundle is focused around a company that isn’t generally associated with being humble: EA, or more specifically, it’s Origin platform. Like most of the AAA-publisher focused bundles Humble Bundle have put out (i.e. THQ, Deep Silver), this bundle forgoes a lot of the rules that […]Read More


Electronic Arts begins eliminating online passes

If you’ve been one of the many who has always despised online passes, today might just be like a second birthday for you. As a NeoGAF noticed that Electronic Arts had made various online passes for their title free. The passes which were previously listed for prices between 800 and 1200 Microsoft Points ($10 – […]Read More


First Medal of Honor: Warfighter Gameplay Revealed

The relaunch of the Medal of Honor series in 2012 was ambitious, but fell somewhat short of the initial expectations.  The campaign received mixed reviews and the multiplayer wasn’t up to the DICE standard that gamers had come to expect. EA and Danger Close are looking to fix the areas of complaint and continue pushing […]Read More


Medal of Honor: Warfighter Releasing in October 2012

EA released Medal of Honor in 2010 with fairly solid sales.  The story was rather slow-paced, but was believable and realistic.  The typical shooter market doesn’t really go down that path, so it was a refreshing experience that unfortunately wasn’t received well by everyone. EA and Danger Close are bringing a sequel for Medal of Honor’s […]Read More