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‘Half-Life 3’ trademark registered

Could it be actually happening? For real this time? Intrepid NeoGAFer shinobi602 has uncovered trademark registration for Half-Life 3. While this is just for the European Union, everything checks out with my limited knowledge of trademark registration. Valve’s name is there, and this is the actual EU trademark website. Check out shinobi602’s screenshots. When I searched […]Read More


Rumor: Half-Life 3 in internal beta

File this under “Probably not true but interesting.” In a post to the Steam Community, a very non-descriptive change log was mentioned in relation to a Half-Life 3 internal beta, along with an awful “Valve can count to three” joke, that mentions Alyx will return, along with conveyor belts. Honestly, I have a hard time believing […]Read More


Top 10 PC games of 2013

2013 may be the most exciting time to be a PC gamer. The biggest AAA developers and publishers are embracing the PC again as a real gaming platform, the independent scene is as vibrant and brilliant as ever, and the cost of a new machine is dropping every day. While there are hundreds of games […]Read More


Half-Life 3 to be Unveiled at Gamescom

No, we’re not pulling your chain.  After years of anticipation, Valve will finally announce Half-Life 3 and bring many fans to their knees with tears of joy.  Okay, so maybe people won’t exactly cry.  However, we can definitely confirm quite a few fist pumps happening due to the confirmation. The news comes from after scanning the […]Read More