Half-Life 3 to be Unveiled at Gamescom

 Half-Life 3 to be Unveiled at Gamescom

No, we’re not pulling your chain.  After years of anticipation, Valve will finally announce Half-Life 3 and bring many fans to their knees with tears of joy.  Okay, so maybe people won’t exactly cry.  However, we can definitely confirm quite a few fist pumps happening due to the confirmation.

The news comes from after scanning the Gamescom list of titles PDF.  Searching through the list, you’ll see that Half-Life 3 is indeed being revealed by Valve.  This document is hosted specifically on the Gamescom website, leaving extremely little room for any errors or claims of the list being fake.

The past few months have been full of concept art, a questionable list of achievements, and even more ridiculous news for Half-Life 3.  The next 48 hours will finally hold the moment that fans have wanted: the announcement of a new Half-Life title.  The question we have to wonder now is whether or not it’ll be confirmed for this generation of consoles.  We expect Valve to remain tight-lipped on console confirmation.

What do you think about Half-Life 3 finally being announced?  Be sure to let us know what you think by leaving us a comment below, or discuss Half-Life 3 in our forums.

UPDATE: It has been pointed out that the information on the Gamescom document refers to “expected” announcements and the games may also be shown behind closed doors.  We’ll update you on the status of this situation as more information is provided.

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