Rumor: Half-Life 3 in internal beta

 Rumor: Half-Life 3 in internal beta

File this under “Probably not true but interesting.” In a post to the Steam Community, a very non-descriptive change log was mentioned in relation to a Half-Life 3 internal beta, along with an awful “ValveĀ can count to three” joke, that mentions Alyx will return, along with conveyor belts.


Honestly, I have a hard time believing this post. First of all, if these “teases” are meant for public consumption, why haven’t we heard about the first two internal betas? If this is even a real leak, why hasn’t Valve taken the post down yet? Sure, if you click on the post’s headline, you’re taken to an error page. It’s still on the front of the community announcements page.

We’ll see what Gamescom has to offer, but my guess is that this rumor is just plain false.

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