Rumor: ‘Half-life 3’ launching after 2013, will be open world

 Rumor: ‘Half-life 3’ launching after 2013, will be open world

Why has it taken so terribly long to get any information on Valve’s upcoming Half-life 3? Well, according to a recent source, it’s because the game has gone through a “total revision” after a “very chaotic” development schedule.

Speaking to Journaldugamer, a trusted source close to Valve said that Half-life 3 started as a standard shooter, but issues during development drove the core gameplay to focus more on puzzles and exploration. An“Open-world, quests and NPCs” will also make it into the game, as well as a myriad of RPG and elements that should make this third game feel totally different from its predecessors.

Lastly, the title Valve releases won’t be Half-Life 2: Episode 3. This will be the full, proper Half-life 3, and it’s on schedule to release after 2013.

So, do you think what we’re hearing is right? Will Half-life 3 break away from the norm this much? Let us know what you think by writing in the comments below!

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