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‘Fez’ on XBLA to be patched in the coming months

Fez creator Phil Fish announced via his Twitter account that the XBLA version of the game will receive another patch. This is most likely due to Microsoft no longer requiring developers to pay fee’s for additional patches. Originally released in April 2012, Fez received its one free patch, which unfortunately caused the corruption of many player’s saves. Presented […]Read More


‘Fez’ has sold 200,000 to date on XBLA

It’s been a long road and long journey since Fez was brought out last year. Lots of word of mouth, both good and bad, and a whole section in a popular documentary had a lot of people get into the development of the title. However, some good news was brought up regarding its success. According […]Read More


‘Fez’ coming to PC via Steam on May 1

After a tremendous and maybe tremulous 2012 for the game, Polytron is happy to bring Fez to other platforms this year. The first of those, will be PC via Steam. A Steam page for the game went up today with a release date of May 1. No word yet if it’ll be Mac/Linux enable but […]Read More


‘Fez’ being ported to other consoles in 2013

Fez mastermind Phil Fish has just updated his blog on the Polytron website with some musings about his experiences in 2012. While most of it is simple reminiscence, there are a couple of things that might catch your attention–namely, the plans to port Fez elsewhere. That’s right, after nine months of being pestered by fans, Polytron […]Read More