‘Fez’ has sold 200,000 to date on XBLA

 ‘Fez’ has sold 200,000 to date on XBLA

It’s been a long road and long journey since Fez was brought out last year. Lots of word of mouth, both good and bad, and a whole section in a popular documentary had a lot of people get into the development of the title. However, some good news was brought up regarding its success.

According to a blog post from creator Phil Fish, the game has sold 200,000 units on XBLA. Not one of the biggest record setters but an incredible success for such a small yet dense title. Probably one of my top two games of last year.

But it’s not over since they’re right now gearing up for the PC launch on May 1. Mac & Linux versions of the title will follow afterwards and Phil is currently in talks with Sony about a PS3/PS Vita version. Not to mention Phil will be up to whatever else is in his crazy brain for his next thing.

Let us know in the comments if you picked up Fez or planning on picking up the PC version or post in our forums.

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