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Sunday News Roundup: The War Z, Ubisoft, and more!

Good evening citizen. This is the Sunday News Roundup, where I, your cybernetic police officer, will guide you through the week’s gaming news. Come quietly or there will be…trouble. There are only two days left before Christmas, or whatever it is you celebrate, which naturally means that there’s nothing to write about. It’s like the […]Read More


Black Friday 2012 deals roundup

It’s that time of year again, where the roasting of turkeys and Uncle Leo’s stale cologne permeates the air and invades your nostrils. And what would a Thanksgiving season be without ridiculous sales and the trampling of others to get the last Tickle-Me Elmo? Well, here at StickSkills, we’ve got your collective backs when it comes to […]Read More


NHL 13 Features Announced by EA SPORTS

While hockey fans are completely focused on what’s going on with their favorite teams in the NHL playoffs, EA SPORTS wants you to know they haven’t forgotten about the virtual ice.  EA SPORTS has released the official list of features for NHL 13, and they don’t disappoint. NHL 13 will feature major changes to the […]Read More


NBA Live 13 Wishlist – What Do You Want?

Before Anthony Davis suits up for his first official game in an NBA uniform this fall, you’ll be able to control him virtually in NBA Live 13.  Other than the name being announced as NBA Live 13 and an advisory council being selected, no news on the actual game has been revealed at this point. […]Read More