NBA Live 13 Wishlist – What Do You Want?

 NBA Live 13 Wishlist – What Do You Want?

Before Anthony Davis suits up for his first official game in an NBA uniform this fall, you’ll be able to control him virtually in NBA Live 13.  Other than the name being announced as NBA Live 13 and an advisory council being selected, no news on the actual game has been revealed at this point.

While the game’s overall vision has more than likely been chosen and implemented at this point, changes and future direction can always be adjusted.  The NBA Live series has always teetered on the line of simulation and slightly arcade-style with its past titles.  With the release of NBA Live 10, EA SPORTS was on the right path to building a fantastic simulation experience.  They hadn’t quite become the undisputed leader on the market, but the direction of the game was something that fans echoed as being positive.

With NBA Live finally returning this fall, what do you want to see in the game?  Are you looking for more animations or more modes?  Online dynasties and team play or a bigger focus on the actual offline portion of the game?  There’s a ton of feedback that can be thought of  for the game, and we want to hear what you want.

All of the feedback that’s given in this article and in our forums will be presented to EA SPORTS next week.  EA SPORTS is looking to make the NBA Live series better than before, and your feedback will definitely help achieve that goal.

What do you want to see the most in NBA Live 13?  What do you want to see changed from previous NBA Live titles?  Be sure to let us know what you think by leaving us a comment below, or discuss NBA Live 13 in our forums.

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