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DICE teases ‘Battlefield 4’s’ naval combat

Naval combat has always been somewhat lacking in the Battlefield series, and perhaps DICE has realized that they could possibly capitalize on that opportunity when it comes to Battlefield 4 which was heavily, heavily rumored before finally being confirmed by EA. While the game’s reveal is set to take place during GDC early next week, the trailer is posted […]Read More


‘Dragon Age III: Inquisition’ is “stunningly beautiful”

Thanks to the power of DICE’s Frostbite 2 engine, BioWare’s upcoming Dragon Age III: Inquisition will be “stunningly beautiful.” At least, that’s according to BioWare’s Neil Thompson, who recently spoke to OXM about the team’s transition from their original engine to what DICE has been using to make Battlefield so pretty. “Dragon Age: Origins and Dragon […]Read More


‘Mirror’s Edge 2’ teased in ‘Battlefield 3’ DLC

The shoes of Faith, the female protagonist in EA’s critically acclaimed, first-person title Mirror’s Edge, have been spotted in the recently released “Aftermath” DLC for Battlefield 3. YouTube user xXHerseyBoyXx found the kicks on top of one of the buildings in the game, and while a pair of shoes isn’t the clearest evidence of Faith’s […]Read More