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‘Diablo III’ receiving expansion content

Today, Blizzard announced that Diablo III, the fastest-selling PC game in history (3.5 million copies in 24 hours), will be receiving expansion content. And now that the game has gone on to sell over 10 million copies, Blizzard would be crazy not to make new content for the game. Beyond that, there is not much more […]Read More


Diablo III Will Get Paragon System

If you’re one of the many players that have devoted dozens of hours to getting through all of the difficulty modes of Diablo III and bringing one or more characters to the capped level 60, you may be finding that it’s lonely to be the king, and that the rewards for doing everything kind of don’t […]Read More


Diablo III “God Mode” Exploit Discovered

Though we don’t expect this exploit to be up very long without a patch, a “God Mode” of sorts has been discovered in Diablo III.  Gamers who use the wizard class, no matter what difficulty they play on, can essentially be invulnerable. A user on Blizzard’s forums posted the exploit first, giving step-by-step directions on […]Read More


Diablo III’s Live Auction House is Now Live

Tired of trading in-game currency for a desired virtual item? Suffer no more, as Blizzard has released the Live Auction House in Diablo III. The United Status, Mexico, and Australia will all be able to use their currency in the live action house. If you’re in another area, such as Europe, Blizzard is still working […]Read More